Tuesday, May 28, 2013

March Against Monsanto. Remind me what you're mad about again?

The other day I was at our local farmers market and I overheard a conversation between the leaders of our buy local foods groups talking about the recent March Against Monsanto. Now after about 15 seconds of hearing what she was saying, lets just say my blood was boiling. But before I go on, let me clarify, I have no beef with people who choose to raise or consume organic, grass feed, antibiotic free, etc etc. types of food products, we need selection and choices for all types of consumers, but what I do have a problem with is people who choose to attack and create criticism off of false claims that hinder others from making educated decisions. My ultimate wish in life is that we would have a culture full of educated consumers who had the freedom to dictate their buying habits off of educated research, but because of ridiculous activist formations like "March Against Monsanto" I don't think that is happening anytime soon.

On Saturday May 25, thousands of people across the globe organized a March Against Monsanto. The group claims  that GMO foods are not sustainable and cause harm through causing cancer tumors, infertility, and birth defects. The group believes that chemicals produced by Monsanto are poisoning our environment and they strongly dislike government and FDA support and approval of GMO foods. This group also says they want to unveil the truth about GMOs, boycott Monsanto, and increase research on the harm caused by consuming GMO foods.

So after reading all their claims and missions, I still ask "So you're mad about what again?"

All of the things they are yelling and chanting about, science has conclusively refuted consistently over the past several decades that companies like Monsanto have been submitting these products for approval by the USDA and FDA. So even though these foods have been proven safe and healthy time and time again, people still find a reason to stand up and make a scene.

Since this group is so steaming mad about...well I'm still not sure what exactly, let me walk you through alittle thing I like to call "Farmer Logic".

My dad is a farmer, my uncles are farmers, my brothers are farmers, my friends are farmers, all of these people plant seeds that are GMOs. The leader of March Against Monsanto claims she was inspired to start the movement to protect her two daughters. She was quoted saying "I feel Monsanto threatens their generations health, fertility and longevity."

So "Ms. I'm Steaming Mad And I Don't Know Why", your daughters and myself consume the same GMO foods that my dad is raising and you are saying that he is causing me to be unhealthy, infertile, and live a short life? Well lets think about this, I'm pretty sure my dad loves me just as you do your daughters, so do you really think that he would raise crops that are going to kill me? You are not the only ones who consume these products that farmers are raising. Farmers and their families eat from the same table you do so do you honestly believe that farmers would produce foods that are unsafe for their own family? No, they would not, it's simple "Farmer Logic".

 ...that's what she said

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