Monday, May 13, 2013

boys 'round here

 Well the "boys 'round here" have been spending their sun ups to sun downs, Mondays thru Sundays, in the fields trying to "get the seed in the ground, fore the rain come down", "to get paiiddd, to get the girrllss"......well, maybe not that last part, you'd have to ask them about that department. But anyway, #plant13 is fully underway and as of Saturday all the boys corn was in the ground and bean planting had started, which is mighty impressive I think because the weather has been nuts around here lately so getting all several thousand aces of corn in that fast is quite impressive, but I guess the "boys 'round here" are "backwoods legit, don't take no $#!%".
Brother bear let me tag along one day and turn his evening of planting into a photo shoot.

Many people out there think that farmers just sit in the tractors and twiddle their thumbs. Are you for real people?! With all those screens to check and numbers to be punching and still making sure the tractor is driving straight and watching the planter to make sure its running correctly and not dragging any branches or trash and then turning around at the end of the field with a huge 60 foot planter on the back....ummm ya, twiddling thumbs is not an option.
"Well the boys 'round here" may be out kicking it in the dirt, but the farm mom 'round here makes sure they get a meal everyday while they are stuck in a tractor from sun up to sun down. The farm mom 'round here also gets the laundry done, the book work in order, the house cleaned, the lawn mowed, the cattle checked, the pumpkins picked, the greenhouse watered, the boys picked up and dropped off at a new field, and the list goes on and on. I may be a day late but, Happy Mothers Day mom! Thanks for being the backbone to this farm family!

...that's what she said