Monday, May 6, 2013

50 Things Sam...

So for the past 5 years I have been blessed to have a pretty wicked awesome lady as a friend. But after 5 years of fun, I am sad to report that she is leaving good ole Nebraska for Utah. (Insert awkward jam by Five For Fighting)

(I highly suggest letting this play as you read, it just makes it that much more deep and moving) 

So you might be asking yourself, "Utah? What's in Utah?", well folks, I have no dang clue either.

So, it all began way back during freshman year of college. I was "lucky" enough to have a wicken for a roommate who attempted to cast spells on me in my sleep, so I  moved to third floor of good ole Burr Hall.  Burr 3 was split in two, on one side was the cool people, which included those like "The Crazy People Who Live Next Door" and people who would strip down and sprint down the hall for some pizza, while the other side of the floor was a mystical place similar to that of Narnia. And if you were brave enough to venture past the water fountain and maneuver yourself around the bathroom, you would find yourself visiting this rarely spoken of place, where if you were lucky, you would run into the one and only Samantha.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this "Sam". She may seem like a high heel wearing, whiskey drinking, dance club shakin', home cookin, tool box spottin, bundle of fun, but she is oh so much more!

So in honor of her packing up and moving off to "The Beehive State" I would just like to share some of the greatest moments I/We have had with SamBam and also why I am probably gonna miss her just a little itty bitty bit.

So Sam, here are my list of "50 THINGS SAM", since I know how much you love all eyes on you... Your welcome :) 

1. I just want you to first know that even though you will now be over the mountains and threw the Mormons... I will still continually text bomb you with rotten ecards and "Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Samantha. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Samantha. Sam. Sam. SAMMMMMMMMMM" texts. 
2. I will also continually post inappropriate things on your Facebook wall, like this blog for example.
3. What happens when I run out of play-doh at my desk at work? Are you going to ship me more?
4. "If I knew that was the decision you were going to make after you left my house last night, I probably would not have let you leave."
5. That time Molly tried to take you and I downtown and instead we ended up trying to get mugged in a creepy back alley.
6. "Where do you find these boys? You gotta stop fishing with corn dogs!"
7. That time you saved Jenny on the dance floor because her dance moves were attracting unwanted attention.
8. That time I bonded with your future brother in-law in the bathroom for a copious amount of time, and don't really remember it.
9. "Whoops, I think somebody dropped a Toolbox outside of Brothers!"
10. HO-LITE!
11. I'm sorry for that time I whacked you with a bottle and chipped your tooth.
12. I'm gonna miss your intense skills at the billiards table.
13. Since you are gone, I feel like a lot of my "that's what she said" jokes are gonna be left hanging...
14. Even though you're moving, don't worry I have collision alert, so I'll be okay.
15.That time Jenny and I picked you and Molly up from downtown and you were going on and on about Marines.... um, we still have that on video. And your welcome. :-)
16. No mater what boy I attempt, your first question has always been, "He's a tool isn't he?"
17. Your hatred toward Unlce Rons.
18. All your pretty shoes.
19. Thanks for helping me get my ears double pierced... even though they got infected and swelled shut.
20. Now that you're leaving, who is going to drink whiskey with me? :-(
21. Your giant bouncy ball/aerobics ball/Ashley's play toy.... can I have that?
22. "You ordering food? Well what do you want?"
23. FYI, I still never got to come take part in branding. WTH dude?
24. That time we drove to Bennet just to get bottles of water and Laffy Taffy.
25. Thanks for keeping all those awkward secrets for me. Lets still keep them because I don't feel like dying just yet. haha
26. Your skills at hiding from the camera.
27. Since you're gone, we are all probably going to lose our minds again, just like this past summer. See, we all make bad decisions when you leave!
28. All the Pappa Johns and Jimmy Johns we have ate over the years in the middle of the night.
29. "What? no way! These are Shirley Temples I swear!"
30. Who will be here to constantly correct my grammar, since YOUR leaving? 
31. Your mother hen-ness.
32. That time you saved 'Taco" from potentially being arrested.
33. Who is going to stop me when I get crazy feelings like that I should go get a bunch of glow sticks, and break them and dump all the glowy stuff all over me and run up and down the streets of Lincoln.
34. Since you're leaving who is going to translate for us when we try and order at a Mexican restaurant? "Umm, I'll have that thing right there (as we point to the menu)"
35. "Whenever I go downtown, I always feel like I'm wearing to many clothes"
36. Now that you are gone, when we go out who am I going to awkwardly and inappropriately poke?
37. The mornings when I call with the story that begins with "So... guess what I did last night" and it ends with you saying "ya know, I sometimes question your decision making skills"
38. Who will be here to hate on my UGG boots and my fancy cowboy boots? O wait, Laura and Jenny still have that one covered.
39. Someday, we WILL find out what ACTUALLY happened in Costa Rica!
40. Your hair looks nice.
41. That time we ventured out on a snow day and you slid a complete 360.
42. Thanks for being my wing woman, even when you didn't like the tool box I was digging thru.
43. Don't worry if you become a Sister Wife out there in Utah, I will totally accept your fellow sister wives as friends, and I will probably even DVR your TLC show. 
45. Don't worry someday Molly and I will find a lumberjack that you approve of.
46. Because of you difficulty with names and lisps, you know who will forever be known as Krepki.
48. "Do Mormons wear those funny little hats?"
49. "I have a feeling we should kiss" "Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not"
50. Remember that time we tricked you and you thought "nobody loves me I'm moving away and everybody's gone and they don't even care blah blah blah wah wah wah"...but actually we were just planning your surprise gathering :-) See, we actually do love you.

So Sam, let me close by saying, I am totally pumped for your new journey in life and I know that the real world has no clue as to what's about to hit it. So let me leave you with the song from two of the greatest movies ever made... you know what they are :-)


  1. Too Funny...I came to your page because of the Nebraska Bloggers Connect and started looking through your posts and find a photo my brother took! :) My little brother is the photographer at Red 9 and Vocasek Productions is run by me and him(Vocasek is my maiden name.) Nice to "meet" you and keep on bloggin on!! :-D

    1. Haha! That is so random and awesome all at the same time! Well he takes great photos :-) lol