Monday, June 3, 2013

Aw Naw! Its about to get Country Music Crazy!

Country Music Monday

So guess who is going to be spending the next few days in Music City partying it up with country music's finest? Umm, this girl right here! Yes be jealous.

Thank god for having a bestie who lives in good ole Nashville to give me an easy reason to venture off to CMA Music Festival, right? Well Jessica and I have been somewhat game planning for our 4 day music experience and I have decided to come up with my "Bucket List" for this trip. Jessica has not seen this yet, so Jess "if" you read this, get your junk together because I'm on a mission!

1. Upfront and foremost, and the top of every sane person's list... TOUCH ERIC CHURCH!
2. After 1 is complete and security has removed me from his leg, have him sign "These Boots".

3. Shake it with Luke Bryan, or better yet, just have him "Shake It For Me" and I'll just watch.

4. Do the dougie with Blake Shelton and his "Boys 'Round Here".

5. "Get My Shine On" with the Florida Georgia Line boys.

6. Find out "What Liquor Makes My Tooshy Move" with Blackjack Billy!

7. Find Jason Aldean and ask him why he keeps asking me to "Take A Little Ride", I mean seriously, I scream YES! at the radio every time he asks but yet he just keeps asking.

8. Take Lady Antebellum "Downtown" so they stop whining and moaning about how nobody takes them downtown anymore.

9. Buy a shot of patron for Chris Young, because "Aw Naw", you know he just might have to stay then.

10. And finally, take some good ole corn feed Nebraska beef, and throw it at Carrie Underwood!!! nah, I'm just kidding, I have way to much class to wast delicious steak like that. ;-)

...that's what she said

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