Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where In The World Has Ashley Been?

I just today realized that I have not only not posted anything in almost a month, but I have not even been on here to look in the past month. Can you say FAIL! Don't worry I just slapped my own wrist for that one. 

But in my defense I have been rather busy the past couple weeks. I may have jetted off to Nashville TN for a week of fun then as soon as I returned I took off for Valentine NE for our Nebraska Cattlemen Midyear Meeting for a few days and then I have had a few evening meetings and events to cover since then.  And I just now realized that tonight is the first night in almost 4 weeks that me and the puppy have sat at home alone on the couch just catching up on some TV time. If you have ever met my pup Peyton, you know that she is as spazy as they come, so the fact that she is just sitting here helping me write this is a testament to how much she has missed me the past few weeks.

So since me writing about my trip to Nashville and the County Music Festival would probably result in me blabbing on and on and on and you all falling asleep, I will let some pictures explain the awesome epicness that was CMA Fest.


Lenny Kravitz and Jason Aldean... can you say AWESOME!

Heyyyyyy, its Mountain Mand!
GOLLY JEEPERS he's good lookin

just chillin back stage waiting to go to the front row

Kinda freakin out about going to CHURCH!

He sang straight into my soul!!

Oh hey Craig Campbell


Lady A sounds like angels when they sing. Is that weird?

Can you say, HAIR FLIP! Jake Owen

Oh Thomas Rhett, it goes like this...

Hey Handsome, why you gotta be so quiet and shy?

Joe Joe Joe.. Joe Diffie!

Thats right Kieth Urban...

Jon Pardi, or what I like to call...eye candy.

Lenny Kravitz showed up as a surprise!

Holy Jack Daniels, its Eric Church!
The boys of Lady Antebellum playin a little ping pong
What did I say, AWESOME EPICNESS, that it was for sure!! Oh ya, and I guess I also have a new distraction to occupy my free time now too. Since its finally "Facebook Official" I guess I can share to the maybe 5 people who actually read this thing....Say hello to "The Boy". Ya, he's cute, be jealous :-P

...that's what she said


  1. Now this looks like a lot of fun great music for sure. Congrats on your find:) I guess I am one of the five readers:) B

    1. I guess so, :-) Thanks for reading!!