Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Am Definetly A Carnivore!

So I have totally FAILed.  I started out this blog totally awesome, and now I am a total slacker.  But in my defense I haven't had time to sit down and type out my random thoughts because I have been dealing with a lot of BEEF lately.

I accompanied 3 reporters from France and Netherlands to a feedyard as well as a ranch out near Gothenburg, NE.
They were traveling to Nebraska to cover the current drought and then go to Monsanto to learn about drought tolerant corn.
They were very open and understanding about our beef industry, but they had a hard time grasping the feed lot system since Europe does not operate feedlots.
It was quite an interesting trip which ended with a shattered back window of a rental car and 2 hours behind schedule.  But it was well worth it. 
I spent a lot of my last two weeks either prepping for or working at the State Fair.  I made sure to make time to go watch some of the livestock shows. My cousin Colton is the last family member to be showing cattle, and he does an AWESOME job! He had Champion FFA Market Heifer and Division Champion 4-H Market Steer.
It is pretty sentimental watching the shows, because I don't think I ever really appreciated showing livestock as much as do now. 

O ya, that's Miss Nebraska showing a calf in a mini skirt and heels.  Yes, that happened.

The Celebrity Cattle Show helped raise some money for some great charities.  To bad some one like Eric Church or Luke Bryan wasn't there leaded a steer in the ring.  I'm pretty sure I would have dumped my wallet in those buckets.
So the other parts of my State Fair time were spent at the Beef Pit.
Nothing beats a slab of  fresh prime rib or roast beef sandwich.

I wish I had a cooker this big!

The line is always CRAZY long to get in because the food is CRAZY good.

Nebraska corn fed beef is so good, I bet it could turn a vegetarian into a CARNIVORE! Speaking of vegetarians, while standing outside the Beef Pit directing the traffic, one of my coworkers over heard a conversation of two young boys and their parents.  First off, the smell outside the Beef Pit is A-MA-ZING! The little boys walked by and said "O Wow that smells soooo good!" And the father turns around and says "No, we don't eat meat".  Umm, excuse mister vegetarian, how do you know your kids don't eat meat.  I mean, I understand if you don't eat meat due to medical reasons, but to push your vegetarian-ism onto your children is ridiculous.  Animal protein is an important part in a humans diet, so why not let your children choose whether or not that want be a vegetarian like you.  And if humans are not suppose to eat meat, then why do I have sharp teeth like a carnivore??

mmmmm....nomnom I am definitely a CARNIVORE!

The Beef Pit is operated by volunteers.  Nebraska Cattlemen from all over come and serve fair goes a hearty protein packed plate of beef.

These guys serve up a sandwich every 16 SECONDS!  I think they have Jimmy Johns beat. That's Freaky Fast, So Fast You'll Freak.

...that's what she said

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