Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Country Feels

My whole life I was raised in the thick of the farming life.  Everyday I was able to wake up to an open window with the Nebraska sunrise shining in and corn fields glistening in the distance.  But in my young and dazed mind I would just wake up and never really realize or appreciate How Country Feels

Now 22 years later, I am off and on my own (well technically, thanks mom & dad for still helping me out when I need it :). I live in Lincoln, which to most is still just a town, but to me, its a big city.  There are many days I wake up to the sound of my neighbors banging around outside or squealing tires on the street and I think to myself, where is the bright sun that would wake me up in the morning and that I use to curse as a teenager.  Where are the corn fields in the distance? Where is the sound of cows bellering? Some may think these kinds of things are pointless, but that only means that you have never been shown How Country Feels.

So when I see groups like HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Anima.... opps, I mean.. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) trying to attack  agriculture and the country way of life I just want to scream, YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW COUNTRY FEELS! How do you as a political lobbyist extremist think that you know what is best for agriculture? You know nothing about how or why we do the things we do? If you truly knew why we care for our animals and our environment with such respect and passion, you would not be attacking us they way you are.

So I ask you, are you giving into the media hype and greedy lobbyist groups who are trying to fool you in to thinking they actually care about the country and agriculture? or do you truly know How Country Feels.

...that's what she said

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