Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Going to CHURCH, Well Not That Kind of Church

Guess what kiddos! I have been 22 for two days now and let me tell you....... it feels the same as 21.  But o well, in 10 years I am going to wish I was 22 again so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Anyway, so I totally FAILED yesterday and didn't get my awesome Country Music Monday post done. #Fail  And I am going to #Fail again on Wordless Wednesday because I have some work things to take care of. So GUESS WHAT! You are going to get something I like call "Wordless Country Music Tuesday". (I know the name kind of blows but just go with it.)

So as you probably already noticed I am kind of rambling on and on. Well here is my reasoning.... I AM SO GOSH DARN EXCITED because............ I GET TO SEE MY MAIN MAN ERIC CHURCH IN 5 DAYS!!! I know right, BEST news ever!

So Sunday myself and about 7 others Church-sters are venturing our way up to Madison, Nebraska for the Madison County Fair.  Now I know this is like a definite shot in the dark but one of the top things on my bucket list, is to meet Mr. Church.  So I will keep you posted as to my success in that category but seeing as this is the third time in two years that I will be seeing the boy, I feel like the third times a charm.  So wish me luck y'all! And if I do succeed in this task I am sure the whole world will be hearing about it. haha

So in honor of the one and only bad boy of country music, I invite you all to go to CHURCH with me, and take a gander at some of these lil nuggets of pure country.

...that's what she said

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