Thursday, July 5, 2012

Humane Society of the United States... Not On My Birthday!

Guess what y'all!! It's almost my birthday!! The big 2-2 is just 3 days away!! And everyone has been asking me lately "What do you want for your birthday?" So, I have been thinking lately what I would want for my birthday. And I guess I have been having trouble, and then something came across my radar the other day.

It was recently announced that Bank of America has launched a Visa card with pictures of little kittens and puppies on it. Sounds sweet right, well for every credit card account opened they will give $60 dollars to the Humane Society of the United States, and 25 cents for every $100 spent on each card.

Now first let me say,
HSUS is NOT YOUR LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY. HSUS HAS NO CONNECTION TO YOUR TOWNS ANIMAL SHELTER. So don't be confused or hoodwinked by their name.  Many people have been taken by the over dramatic commercials on tv and their extreme and radical approach in the media. So here are a few facts about HSUS that many are unaware off:   (these facts came directly from the Center for Consumer Freedom and Humane Watch)

-HSUS scams Americans out of millions of dollars through manipulative and deceptive advertising. 85% of all HSUS tv ads feature cats and dogs.  However, HSUS does NOT run a singel pet shelter and only gives 1% of the money it raises to pet shelters, and it has spent millions on anti-farm and anit-hunting political campaigns.

- HSUS receives poor charity-evaluation marks. ChairtyWatch(formerly the American Institute of Philanthropy)  gaves HSUS a D rating.

- Six members of Congress have called for a federal investigation of HSUS. In 2011, six congressmen wrote the IRS showing concerns over HSUS's attempts to influence public policy, which they believe has "brought into question HSUS's tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.

- HSUS regularly contribute more to its own pension plan than it does to pet shelters.  An analysis of HSUS's tax returns determined that HSUS funneled $16.3 million to its executive pension plan between 1998 and 2009 - over $1 million more than HSUS gave to pet shelter during that period.

Quotes from HSUS Officials

“We believe in the Three Rs - reducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods; refining the diet by eating products only from methods of production, transport, and slaughter that minimize pain and distress; and replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods."– Wayne Pacelle, President/CEO (Farm & Dairy Magazine, 2009)

"The Meat Industry Equals Systematic Murder."– sign carried by Paul Shapiro during Compassion Over Killing protest (The Washington Post, 2003)

"My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture."John “J.P.” Goodwin, Director of Animal Cruelty Policy and former Animal Liberation Front spokesperson

HSUS is a radical animal rights organization that is not affiliated with local animal shelters and instead uses its more than $100 million budget to threaten America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers. While many Americans mistakenly believe HSUS is the national organization affiliated with local animal shelters, very little of its funding is used for hands-on animal care. Instead, HSUS uses its resources to attack farmers and ranchers with legislation, litigation, and public relations smear campaigns.

So for my birthday, the only thing that I want is for you to go to Bank of America's facebook page, and write them the TRUTH about HSUS and tell them why they are making a huge mistake in partnering with such an outrageous, radical, and immoral animal rights organization.  
And if you do hold an account with Bank of America, do you really want to be apart of such a ridiculous partnership? If you value the food you eat or the clothes you wear, you will STAND UP for American farmers and ranchers and say NO to the HSUS.

that's what she said...

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