Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beef State

Nebraska is known as the Beef State because of its major role in producing beef to feed the world. Nebraska's farmers and ranchers have been raising cattle for many generations and take great pride in what they do. Each and every day we care for our livestock and the land, which is top priority when producing a safe and nutritious supply of beef for you to enjoy.

Today 97% of America's cattle farms and ranches are family operated and caring for animals is a family tradition handed down and improved upon from generation to generation. In Nebraska, our farms and ranches produce more beef per square mile than any other state, which makes sense, since there are more cattle in the great Cornhusker state than people.

In every state in America, you will find beef ranchers and farmers - hard working people who are dedicated to their land, their animals, and to providing America and the world with safe, wholesome and nutritious beef.

Many of us are more than just cattle farmers and ranchers.  We are active members of our communities and belong to organizations like local school boards, church councils and social clubs. Consistent care for animals and improvements to farms and ranches are vital to making sure America has the safest, most environmentally friendly beef supply in the world.

We love our land and what we do. We're committed to honesty, integrity and hard work, and we are proud to share details on how the beef you eat makes its way from our pastures to your plate.  

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