Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Didn't Die!

Now that 2012 is almost over its time to share the awesomeness that was my life the last 365 days. So here it is folks... My life in a list..

1. Started this blog!
2. Flew to the other side of the world.
3. Graduated college!
4. Made new friends... Some good, some not so good, and kept some amazing friends around! 
5. Visited my bestie in Nashville!
6. Road tripped with some amazing friends to visit my other bestie in Dodge City!
7. Jumped off a cliff into glacier water!
8. Got a big girl job that I love!
9. Went to the bars probably to much. ;)
10. Had to much fun at the bars....
11.Made some "bad decisions" that I definitely don't regret. :)
12. Saw my main man Eric Church again!
 13. Turned the big 2-2.
14. Moved to my own place.
15. Paraglided off of a mountain.

16. Excused some people and welcomed new ones into my life.
17. Rode a mechanical bull.
18. Introduced the ladies to the awesomeness that is wings at Gary's.
19. Discovered my favorite nail salon!
20. Got a Target REDcard!!
21. Learned the importance of organ donation.
22. Was a bridesmaid for the first time.
23. Picked up dog do-do with a doggy bag.
24. Rode a Harley.
25. Won some business plan competitions.
25. Got my first article published on agweb!
26. Discovered the amazingness that is RedBox!
27. Found my new love for Pendleton.
28. Saw Channing Tatum at the airport.
29. Said good bye to the G6.
30. Became a better Agvocate.
31. Bought WAY to many pairs of shoes.
32. Finally bought some square toes, which I practically live in now.
33. Fully jumped on the Red Dirt bandwagon.
34. Shared a beer with a PBR champion.
35. Got an iPad!
36. Had my car broken into.
37. Painted myself silly.
38. Learned how to light the rubix cub that is a pilot light.
39. Won $90.50 on a slot machine.
40. Finally invested in a corkscrew.
41. Got a crockpot!!!
42. Swore to much.
43. Fell out of the raft, while white water rafting. (sad part is that's not the first time)
44. I continued my rep as a smart ass.
45. "Tried" to stop fishing with corn dogs.
46. Continued to be fricken awesome!
47. Took a lot of photos of cattle, corn, tractors, and other Ag stuff.
48. Continued to be sarcastic 24/7.
49. Learned to look forward, not back...

SCORE:  2012 - 0  Ashley - 50

Bring it on 2013.

...that's what she said

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