Friday, June 15, 2012

Nebraska Beef Gal

Beef... It's what's for dinner.  But if you don't believe me just ask Matthew McConaughey. 

Ok, now that I got my name drop in I'll move on to my main point for today.

I just finished my first week (well, three days actually) of work at the Nebraska Cattlemen. So from now on starting Monday, I am on my own.  No more training wheels for this girl. Get excited, because I am!

So since I will probably be chatting alot about NC and the cattle industry I guess this is a good time for me to explain what our role is.

(From NC website)
The Nebraska Cattlemen association is a grassroots organization whose individual producer members determine issues of importance to the state beef industry. Its principal services are government affairs, public information, issues management, and management education and information.
Nebraska Cattlemen performs three basic functions.
  • Represents the beef cattle industry to the legislative and administrative branches of the state and federal governments. 
  • Explain beef production to the public and opinion influencers. Also, interpret economic, social and political developments to the industry.
  • Provide economic and production information to members to aid them in their own planning and management.
Nebraska Cattlemen is the spokesman for the state’s beef cattle industry and represents nearly 3,000 cattle breeders, producers and feeders as well as 48 county and local cattlemen’s associations. Nebraska Cattlemen pulls together strong individuals to make a decision- making team that is dedicated to promoting the beef industry and enhancing the opportunity for profitability.
My office is crazy boring right now but dont worry, I'll show you the after picture next time!
 So now let me explain what my work will entail and what I will be blabbing to you all about.  My role is the Director of Communications.  So my duties include keeping communications open and flowing between members, staff, officers, and board of directors, as well as with media and other outside organizations.  I also use social media and online sources to promote our organization and the cattle industry.  So to some it up, if it involves any sort of communication, it probably involves me as well.  So get prepared for me to communicate with you about my communication experiences at work.

...that's what she said

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