Monday, June 18, 2012

The Last of a Dying Breed

The average age of the American farmer is 57 years old, and there has been a 20% drop in the number of farmers under the age of 25. (according to USDA)  Now many may wonder why this is such a problem so let me put it simply. 
Farmers feed the world.

Without farmers producing food for us to eat, we won't eat.
While I was on my way home last night I heard the song, Last Of A Dying Breed.  And I started to think about my grandpa.  My grandpa Fred is 94 years old and would still be a full time farmer if his health would allow.  But don't get me wrong, at 94 years young he still tends to his garden, mows the yard, checks some irrigation wells, and drives a tractor now and again. He is the definition of life long true American Farmer and for sure, the definition of the last of a dying breed. 

But then I think about my father.  My dad is about the average age of a farmer today.  Then I think about my older brothers.  They are 25 and 28 years old.  They are a all part of a "rare breed" in today's world and I am proud to have true American farmers in my life.  But one thing that, well frankly scares the bejeepers out of me is the fact that someday the average age of our farmers might be in the 60s.  Which will mean that our total number of farmers is still decreasing.  And that is a fact that should scare everyone because we need our farmers and ranches to produce all the products that we use everyday.  Our worlds population is projected to double by the year 2050.  This means we are going to need to increase our world food production immensely by then and we need as many farmers as we can to reach that goal.

So, it is so important that we support our farmers and ranchers because, well without them, we can't survive.

...that's what she said

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