Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Don't Give a QUACK, Jack.

Disclaimer: The following blog post uses "fowl" language and extreme sarcasm, but if it pisses you off, I really don't give a QUACK!

DUCK DYNASTY, probably the best thing to happen to America in along time. So if you don't know who the Duck Dynasty guys are, let me first ask, what kind of rock have you been living under?

Well the other night, I was watching Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy said that Morrisey (I guess he is a singer of some sort), would not be his musical guest for the night. Morrisey is a vegan animal activist, and he was appalled by the fact that he would be on a show with the Duck Dynasty gang, calling them "serial animal killers" and he said it would ruin his reputation.  So Morrisey told Kimmel it was either him or the duck killers. Well SHOCKER, the boys with guns won!

But the gang felt somewhat bad about the whole situation and felt they could do a little better job with their vegan friends....

So, now for my sermon.  I understand that we all have different views about all aspects of life.  But here is a little tip, if someone doesn't have the same view as you, who gives a QUACK! Mr. Morrisey, I am happy for you that you find ALL animals so beautiful and purpose filled that you choose not to eat them, but I however, prefer to slap animals that were created for consumption between two pieces of bread with a little BBQ sauce.

I don't get why people feel that if someone doesn't agree with what they believe, they feel they have the right to sensor others into making the same choice as them. It doesn't work that way people.

So in closing, Mr. Morrisey, thank you for being passionate about what you believe, but shut the QUACK up and let these guys do what they do.  You don't see them throwing a hissy fit because they were going to be on  a show with a "serial vegetable murderer" do you? Now sit down, chill out, grab a hamburger (well for you Mr. Morrisey maybe just the bun), and watch this great show about a faith filled family who works hard and plays even harder!

...that's what she said

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